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TelePay is a payments gateway based on TON, the first of its kind in the ecosystem. Create merchant accounts, get API keys and automate your payments. It has a web dashboard, a Telegram integration and more for you to grow your business, using Toncoin as main asset.

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Rating and Reviews

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8 Ratings
6 months ago

Tremenda aplicación.

6 months ago

Great app, very simple and intuitive user interface. The possibility of add different merchants it's also excellent. Definitely an app the we need in the ecosystem. Love it.

6 months ago

Buenísimo, lo estaba esperando y no decepciona. ¡Gracias por todo!

6 months ago

Gran futuro tiene, idea que mejor no se pudo ejecutar, altamente funcional y fácil de usar.

6 months ago

It really is a very simple app in a great way. The payment is instantaneous, the web administration is very intuitive and very easy to understand, the integration with Telegram is excellent. A 10/10 app. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

6 months ago

TelePay is amazing, It is a platform with a lot of future.

5 months ago

В ожидании обновлений ;3

2 months ago

It's a great app. Simple and intuitive. Awesome developer documentation. I've great expectations with this tool

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