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Tonstarter is the first launchpad based on The Open Network for retail venture investing in tokens of promising projects, enabling teams to raise capital in a decentralized, safe, and user-friendly environment.

Tonstarter believes in TON because it was designed to become the most consumer-friendly blockchain. Together with the growing number of app integrations into Telegram, TON aims to become the first crypto technology adopted by the masses.

We encourage TON-based projects to reach out to us for an opportunity to collaborate. If that interests you, apply on our website.

TonApps is not responsible for any of the apps in the catalog. Using this app you take your own risks. Read our Disclaimer Terms and Privacy Policy

Rating and Reviews

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4 Ratings
5 months ago

Tonstarter is the first launchpad based on the open network and it is amazing! It allows you to fundraise for your crypto initiative with ease! Whether it's a stablecoin, dex, or a gaming token, you can manage the fundraising with it without any problem!

5 months ago

Great! Waiting for a first launch! Wallet set up, ready to get alloc!=)

4 months ago

Tonstarter is a project that in the future can become an integral part of the TON ecosystem. It will attract money and developers, which will help expand the ecosystem and build Web 3.0

3 months ago

START START START making money, creating future

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