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Sonet’s open-source middleware extends Web3 infrastructure across Web2 social networks. Its infrastructure provides an end-to-end platform & SDK of entry points for dApps & tools to create the best experience for Web3 projects & consumers on Web2 socials.

Sonet is multi-chain deployed and integrated on TON (The Open Network created by Telegram), Flow, Polygon and Ethereum.


Current Products:
Soton (beta) — Soton is a dApp on our Sonet platform focused on DAO participation & NFT marketing. Soton will revolutionize how DAOs & NFT projects effectively use Telegram as a platform for their project management, marketing & community engagement.
For more info: https://sonet.one/Soton

Soda — Soda is an open-source project targeting to unlock meaningful value from all social creation, & provide personal portal for end users.
For more info: https://sonet.one/Soda

Follow us on all socials: https://linktr.ee/sonetmiddleware

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