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Mining NFT https://getgems.io/virtualsworlds Mining VWS MVP Tokens https://t.me/MagicNFTcollections
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VirtualsWorlds is a SocialFi + GameFi We have combined the mechanics of these two areas and created a unique product that allows people in chat to receive cryptocurrency for activity in it VWS Payload 💎 Mining  Token 🎁 + 17 🪙 VWS Game Chats with 17 💎types of tokens Level rewards with 17 💎 types of tokens Fireworks rewards 17 💵 types of tokens for communicating in our chat rooms🎁 TON\BNB Bridge A bridge between networks will allow users to quickly change their cryptocurrency between networks Domain Zone User will be able to register his domain in .vws .ain .mvp network and use it as primary name VWS Game A game where the user can build their own settlement, will be able to earn from the sale of land and real estate in the VWS NFT collections Each NFT holder has the following privileges: Earnings from fees, voting, token mining Total Supply: 61,999,990,737,849 VWS BURN 50 % VWS
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