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HangarX: Your all-in-one Web3 gaming portal! Choose from multiple games, play, and earn easily!
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Welcome to HangarX! Dive into HangarX – where multiple games and multiple ways to earn on TON await you via the Telegram App. Whether you love playing competitive games, inviting friends, forming teams, or creating gaming content based on your unique ideas, HangarX offers amazing rewards all in one portal. It's simple to manage, easy to earn, and fun! Key Features: Play and Earn on TON: Engage in thrilling gameplay, earn rewards effortlessly, receive exclusive airdrops, and more! Diverse Games: Immerse yourself in our captivating lineup! 1. Battle Brick: Embark on a journey through the Puzzle Bricks Arena in this captivating puzzle game. 2. Legends of Tank: Unleash your strategic prowess in real-time 3 vs 3 team battles set in epic environments. 3. Mu of Heroes: Forge your legend in turn-based RPG battles filled with adventure and challenges. Gaming Social Hub: Share your ideas, stay on trend, and earn rewards. Join us now and start your earning journey today!!!
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