The Ton App team strives to make the catalog understandable and accessible to anyone who creates and uses applications on TON. This page includes answers to the most common questions.

How does the verification process work?

Our moderators examine the service and evaluate its quality. If your project aims to benefit the development of The Open Network and does not contain bugs, then it is published in the catalog.

If my application is placed in the catalog, is it automatically considered an official app supported by the TON Foundation?

No. Ton App publishes all apps developed for TON that have been verified by the site moderators. Every developer has a chance to get their services published in the Ton App catalog.

Why do some apps get a red and yellow label and some don't have any?

Many people think that publishing in the Ton App catalog is equivalent to the approval by the TON Foundation, but this is not the case. To make it clear for everyone, all applications in the catalog will receive one of the 4 labels:

A Verified Badge — The service has been thoroughly checked and verified.
No Label — This neutral label is given to apps and services that can't cause major harm to the users such as Telegram media channels.
Yellow Warning Label — Be careful using this application. When the service is improved, the label is removed.
Red Warning Label — The application may be unsafe, may cause financial damage or mislead the users. Hover over the label to see more information about the status.

How to get a verified badge?

At the moment, only apps that have been supported by the official TON Telegram channel have verified badges. We will publish a transparent verification process for other developers in the near future.

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