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Cat Gold Miner: Where Purr-fectly adorable meets Purr-fectly profitable!
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Welcome to Cat Gold Miner, the purr-fectly addictive idle game exclusively on the Telegram app! - Simple Token Mining Mechanism - Viral Social Features and Mechanic - Quests with On-Chain mission for Learn-to-Earn - Beginner-friendly - Advanced functions for DeFi experts - Smooth integration with TON. The players will get the $CATGM tokens by upgrading their gold mines in the game. Players can purchase NFT Lands to get benefits of the Land owner: - Create their own Clan - Collect tax from players who play on their Land - Get share from Store revenue - Get share from Token trading Many different NFT Characters with different skills to help player boost their mine operations' efficiency and productivity. More information at our Whitepaper: https://docs.catgoldminer.ai/
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