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Orbit Bridge: Fast and secure way for token conversion
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Orbit Bridge is a bridge service that supports token conversion between mainnets and supports 21 blockchains and 96 tokens.
One of the core keywords in the current crypto market is cross-chain. While there are currently at least 100 active public chains, the number of bridges that connect these ecosystems is only about 50. Many of them only support 1 to 3 public chains. The fragmented blockchain ecosystem inevitably faces limits to growth in all aspects, including market capitalization, users (including token holders), and the number of Dapps. Orbit Bridge, which supports users’ platform access and interaction between protocols, will be the only key to solving this problem.
In the mid-to-long term, Orbit Bridge will add unique features such as atomic and native coin swaps.

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Orbit Bridge will evolve into a decentralized protocol that can play more roles in the upcoming Web3 era.
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