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Popular TVL aggregator for DeFi DeFillama is now tracking TON


DeFiLlama, the largest TVL (Total Value Locked) aggregator for DeFi, has begun displaying data on the TON blockchain.

The aggregator shows the total value of all assets locked into DeFi protocols, including such data, as: farming, staking, liquid staking, DEXs, and other accurate data related to the particular blockchain.

What does this event mean for the TON ecosystem?

DeFiLlama is one of the most well-known blockchain services, which almost all DeFI enthusiasts are familiar with.

Now, investors can track TON analytics, follow the dynamics of its development and get acquainted with the key TON-services.

We encourage DeFi product developers from all the TON ecosystem to list their projects on DeFiLlama!

This way you’ll help to build up the full and nuanced picture of the TON TVL, and your service won’t be missed by the visitors of the TON page on DeFiLlama.

To list your project, you need to follow these instructions:

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